Tips on dating a cancer woman Adult free online live cam chat web site

If you are a tough and strong-head man who loves to be eccentric and demanding then Cancer woman is not very compatible for you.A Cancerian young woman is dominated by the Moon, which shows her romantic nature that is always beneath her poised appearance.Cardinal earth is a force of substantial achievement.

Because she feels everything, a Cancer often craves alone time, either to be with her thoughts or to rejuvenate her soul from the constant taking in of all that surrounds her.

He is reckless, restless and all about the latest risk and adrenaline rush.

He has no desire to settle down or be responsible – and she’s very aware that he could essentially ruin all that she holds dear.

Meanwhile, everything about the Cancer woman turns off the Sagittarius man, so you would think.

She is clingy, emotional and determined to take care of him – a thought which fills him with horror, as he would much prefer to take are (or not) of himself.


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