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I finally found him in late summer with a cluster of Russian girls with bad lives who had swindled her a coquettish sum of 10,000 euros in less than a month. The reality is quite different, and you may already have noticed by watching our videos testimonies of Russian women.Russian women of Slavic tradition are the guardians of the family nucleus.Information Collection and Use ORIGIN LLC is the owner of Russian Woman Agency website where the information is placed by the users and by the partner companies; the latter are made official contracts with, and they are legally responsible for the services they offer.ORIGIN LLC doesn't sell, share or exchange information from it's websites to other users and companies.For western guys dating Russian women it would be fascinating to find out what views Eastern European females have on division of responsibilities in a family.What spousal duties they see appropriate for husbands and wives? Whenever I start talking about Russian women and their views, inevitably I get accusations in chauvinism, anti-feminism, sexism, and what not.

It is not recommended to use free mail services like,, and the like, as they don't guarantee the delivery of e-mails from Russian Woman Agency to your mailbox. My husband of eight years (and father of our 3-year-old) is always on social media like Facebook, Messenger, Whats App, Viber, etc., chatting with various women from Russia.It started in 2014 and has now become an addiction, from morning until 2 or 3 a.m.The most important question is this: Does he want to work on his problem and save your marriage? My best friend since fourth grade is a great person, but she has never really done things for her own reasons.If he’s not motivated to, he’s essentially ending your marriage unofficially, by refusing to play the role of husband. If he won’t see a marriage counselor with you, or see someone on his own, go alone. A while ago I decided that I wanted a fresh start in college.There’s an addiction-like pull at play; whether it’s to the internet, sex or a combination of the two is anyone’s guess.


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