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Mr Makhzoomi came to the US in 2010 as a legal refugee with his older sister.

He was not allowed to reboard the Oakland-bound plane, and was given a full refund. Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Brandy King said in a statement that staff had decided to investigate "potentially threatening comments" made by the passenger.

Chloe (Evelyne Brochu) is a young Canadian obstetrician working in a makeshift clinic in a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank, where she treats pregnant women under the supervision of Michael (Carlo Brandt), a French doctor.

ChloƩ develops friendships with many of the people she meets, including her next door neighbor Ava; a patient named Rand, Rand's militant older brother and their younger brother, who dreams of leaving Ramallah.

Through these relationships, she learns more about life in the disputed territory.

The film received awards from Marrakech, Toronto, Bordeaux, and Amiens International Film Festival.

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