Anonymous webcams

Hackers who can find a way in to your computer can use their access to install malicious RAT (Remote Access Trojan) software that gives them unfettered access to what you type on the keyboard, say near the microphone or do in front of the camera.Covering your webcam isn’t a substitute for keeping your systems patched and running effective anti-virus but, if you’re doing both those things, it’s another layer of defence in depth that’s worth considering and easy to apply. While the thought of covering a webcam with tape seems like a weird one that the current boss of the world's most advanced surveillance agency would have to resort to doing.

During the daytime hours this image is processed in real-time on my server using Photomatix HDR software to make the image look more like your eye would see it.

As celebrities, Zuckerberg and Pope Francis are more obvious targets for such privacy intrusions.

But you shouldn't think that you are safe because you are not the Pope, nor a movie star or a tech CEO.

Just remember when a mother discovered that the security camera in her daughters' room was hacked and the video was live streamed. The point is that there are creeps that might find your life interesting.

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo showing his laptop's camera covered up with tape.


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